Turanian Writing – Inscriptions on Vessels

Fig. 9. Cup 58 with inscription “King Zakassak”

Cup 58. Silver gilding cup with a diameter of 23 cm was found in 1886 in the village. Tuben Shakhar in Krasnoufimsk district of the Perm province. On the face of a cup a king with a stretched bow hunts boars. The king is in a hunting dress and has a headdress with fluttering ribbons.

At the exterior base is located a Sogdian inscription. There with precise Turanian letters are inscribed two words.

Transcription of the inscription (Fig.9)


kiηu  zakassak


King Zakassak.

The first two letters of the title are written with a beautiful italic type. The remaining letters of the title and the name differ from the similar inscriptions of the Zakassak coins by more precise intelligible artwork. To tell more conclusively about the synchronicity of the manufacturing of the vessel and the writing of the inscription, a visual familiarization is necessary.

Azgar Mukhamadiev
Turanian Writing
Article “Turanian Writing”, in the book “Problems Of Linguoethnohistory Of The Tatar People” (Kazan, 1995. pp. 36-83)


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